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Model P2-RL

Features Include:

  • Sturdy blanchard steel frame with convenient adjustable daylight and large aluminum work table for ease of mounting tooling.
  • Hardened linear shafts and maintenance free composite die set bearings guide heated head for precise stamping.
  • Dovetail die mounting plate
  • Four corner die leveling adjustment.
  • Calibrated anti-pinch point die stroke adjustment.
  • Motor driven – timer controlled foil index system for precise advance of foil.
  • Operator friendly touch screen controls with totalizer counter – setup button and head up delay..
  • Microprocessor controlled press functions.
  • Ten recipe storage for timer values – air pressure and temperature settings.
  • Solid state; digital dual display proportioning heat control.
  • Two hand anti-tie down buttons with infrared sensing beams are ergonomically designed to eliminate physical pressure. Anti-pinch point and repeat circuits are designed for operator safety.
  • Air filter and pressure regulator.
  • Rugged steel tubing support frame.

Special Features Include:

  • Versatile frame design allows this press to be upgraded from a two ton press to a three ton press by replacing the pneumatic cylinder. The convenient adjustable daylight and large aluminum work table make setup of tooling effortless.
  • Four corner head leveling adjustment allows easy die alignment to stamping surface. Dies can be easily leveled to a particular part without the use of shims.
  • Top quality components are utilized throughout the manufacturing of Hastings products. Electrical – mechanical and pneumatic components are always standard off-the-shelf components that are readily available. All machine components are painted – zinc plated or hard anodized for lasting protection.
  • Microprocessor controlled press functions with touchscreen panel allows operator convenience and repeatable stamping. Standard features include head-up strip delay – totalizer cycle counter – and setup feature that allows the head to be jogged down.
  • Pneumatic system utilizes high flow components to increase cycle time and efficiency. Pressure regulator and filter control the air flow to the Multi-Power® cylinder. The multi-stage cylinder generates high force from standard shop air without the need for toggle mechanism and their inherent problems.
Model P2-HT
Standard Imprint Size Optional Imprint Size
Head Size 6 X 8 8 x 8
Air Requirements (psi) 10-100 10-100
Head Stroke 0-3 0-3
Throat Depth 7-1/2 7-1/2
Adjustable Daylight 0-16 0-16
Electrical Requirements 120 VAC 15 Amps 240 VAC 12 Amps
Support Guide Rods with Die Set Bearings 2 2

Approximate Dimensions

Max Height (inches) Width (inches) Depth (inches) Weight (pounds)
83 1/2 45 33 544

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