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Automation and Customization

Hastings Manufacturing can handle any custom projects from minor modifications to fully integrated,  completely automated equipment. We work closely with the customer at the design stage to ensure that the end product exceeds all expectations thereby making our customers dream a reality with our cutting edge engineering, electrical, and manufacturing staff in our state of the art 44,000 square foot facility.

8-Headed Hot Stamp Press

Often a single part will need to be decorated in more than one location. This is a lofty example of such a situation, one part with 8 hot stamp applications occurring simultaneously. This machine was designed from the ground up specific to our customer’s product. Intended to be integrated with a 6-axis robot for loading, the goal of this design was to run ‘lights out’. That is, without any need for operator interaction.

Utilizing 8 fully independent stamping heads to decorate the part, we are able to easily compensate for any deflection, and improve the final appearance of the part. The foil rolls are also mounted on slides actuated by pneumatic cylinders. This allows greater clearance when loading and unloading the part and also helps reduce the machine foot print. Controls are mounted on a remote pendant so adjustments can be made from outside of the robot cell, increasing safety.

8 Head 1
8Head 2
8Head 3

Milk Crate Stretcher

Working in an industry that is primarily focused on plastic and textile decoration we’ve developed strong relationships with many injection molding companies. They have learned that they can turn to Hastings Manufacturing for more than just hot stamp and heat transfer equipment.

One example is a custom milk crate stretcher designed for one such company. Anyone familiar with injection molding will be accustomed to the challenges of sink and deformation as a part cools. We designed a custom rack that will hold the part at the correct dimensions as it cools. This allowed our customer to run their molds at a shorter cycle while still maintaining the quality that downstream customers expect. Therefore allowing them to increase their capacity at a fraction of the cost of a new injection mold.

Crate Stretcher 1
Crate Stretcher 2

Two Headed Ten Ton Hot Stamp Press

Another situation where multiple hot stamps are required on a single product, Hastings Manufacturing built this two headed unit to decorate both sides of a 65 gallon trash can at the same time. Each side includes a hydraulic cylinder with over 20,000 pounds of stamping force and 12,000 watts of heaters. Enough to ensure that the massive 12 inch x 18 inch head has plenty of power to deliver a perfect impression every time.

This is also an example of a press that will be integrated into an automated manufacturing line. The PLC includes outputs specific to the project informing the robot controlling the work flow of the current status of the press, ready to load, ready to unload, and other information. Further proving that Hastings Manufacturing has the needed experience on both the hardware and software sides of any challenge.


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