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Add-On’s and Upgrades

Hastings offers a wide variety of accessories that can be integrated to a hot stamping or heat transfer press. These accessories can include (but are not limited to):

Guarding w/ Light Curtains
Three sided extruded aluminum guarding enclosed on the front by a safety light curtain provides one of the best methods to protect operators from accidental injury. Doors on each side provide easy access for maintenance, but prevents operation if not properly closed through coded magnet door switches. The light curtains project invisible beams of light across the front of the machine, and prevent machine motion if any of the beam are broken.
3 sided

Foot Switch
Foot pedals provide added convenience and efficiency by freeing the operators hands for other actions while the press cycles. Replaces the dual light touch palm buttons are normally used to start the machine cycle. Since the operators hands will not be occupied by activating two palm buttons, Hastings strongly recommends this option always be combined with the safety light curtains mentioned above.

Rotary Index Table
Rotary index tables provide two added benefits when combined with a Hastings press. First, they increase efficency by allowing the operator to load and unload parts while the press cycles. Second, they allow additional actions to be completed by the Hastings press. For example, addtional stations could be added, such as: camera inspection systems, auto-eject mechanisms, brush & vacuum cleanup, or many other features.
rotary index

Slide Table
The Slide Table option adds an additional layer of safety and convenience for the operators. My moving the support fixture out from under the head, by use of a 10″ stroke pneumatic cylinder, parts are more easily loaded, particularly large pieces. Additionally, the operators hands will not need to come as close to the heated platen, essentially eliminating the chance of contacting the heated components.
Slide Table

Vibratory Feed Bowl
Vibratory feed bowls allow small parts to be fed into the system with less human interaction, and are one of the first steps in providing a more automated system.

XYR Table
XY and XYR Tables ease the setup of new tooling and transition to new parts for decoration. Tables allow for fine adjustment of the tooling in both the fore/aft and side-to-side directions (XY) or fore/aft, side-to-side, and rotation (XYR). Most beneficial for companies that change parts frequently.
xyr table

Pick & Place Systems
Pick and Place systems are used when, for a variety of reasons, traditional roll labels will not work. Placing a die cut heat transfer with a pneumatic pick & place system allows labels to be applied into pockets, valleys, or around other obstructions.
vacuum arm

Auto Ejection
Auto eject systems allow faster cycle times by removing one step traditionally done by the operator. Particularly useful when combined with a Rotary Index Table.
Auto Eject

Vision Inspection
Modern advanced in camera technology can help guarantee correct and consistent parts without the subjectiveness of human interpretation. Visual Inspection Systems can accurately measure spacing between label edge and part edge, check that the label fully transfers in an area, or check the angle between the label and part edge.
camerainspection1 camerainspection2

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